Experienced and licensed landscapers with over 25 years experience in agriculture and landscaping

About Darren and Steve Schelsky

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SLI Landscape & Irrigation was established in 1994 by Darren and Steve Schelsky. As a family run business we are dedicated to excellence in landscaping and perform all phases of landscaping and irrigation work at both the residential and commercial levels in Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding areas.

Darren has over 25 years of experience in agriculture and landscaping and has degrees from O.S.U. in horticulture and business along with many years of agriculture and landscape experience.

Steve is the project manger for SLI and has over 25 years experience in agriculture and landscaping. Steve has a AAS-AT degree from Central Texas College in business management, and over 30 years in Military leadership experience and retired as a Command Sergeant Major from the Army Reserve.

Both Darren and Steve have lived in Oregon their entire lives so they know the climate, plants, soil types, and they’ve experienced Oregon’s extreme weather  so when it comes to your landscape they will be able to recommend the right mix of plants and landscape materials for a perfect fit in your yard.

We started our landscape business because we both have a love for the outdoor’s and landscape work. A bare lot of flat soil is our canvas and each landscape that we create is our new masterpiece. We truly love to create and construct every aspect of the landscape.

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Mission Statement

SLI strives to be the best landscape company in the Northwest. With a professional appearance and attitude, we will meet and exceed customer expectations by developing practical, functional and exquisite landscapes.

By maintaining open lines of communication with clients and peers and installing the best workmanship and service in each and every job, we hope to grow with our community.