Installing high quality trees, shrubs and lawns to make your Eugene home look beautiful

Trees, Shrubs and Lawn Installation

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Trees, shrubs, and lawns are one of the most crucial parts of the landscape. We locate and install the highest quality trees and shrubs and by selecting a mixture of native species, drought tolerant plants, evergreens, and perennials we can create an ideal ecosystem that will thrive for generations!

We also offer a wide variety of lawns! Whether you are looking for that perfect manicured lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood, a wild flower meadow, or a low maintenance ecolawn, we can install the perfect lawn for your yard.

We also amend the soil before all the final products are installed to create a fertile space for all of the landscape components.

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These beautiful trees and shrubs provide and natural beauty to this Eugene home.   Trees, Shrubs and Lawn Installation in Eugene, Oregon   These trees and shrubs were specifically chosen to give this Eugene home a natural beauty   These trees, shrubs and lawn work together to provide a beautiful backdrop for the waterfall and patio in this Lane County home   This beautiful lawn and plants create a low maintenance front yard.
These shrubs and plants were specifically chosen to draw out the beautiful of this gorgeous waterfall.   A beautiful green lawn and plants can make your Eugene home the envy of the neighborhood.   This circular planting area contains a combination of native and drought resistant plants that are beautiful and low maintenance   This combination of trees, shrubs and other plants give this patio and beautiful and natural feel   This low maintenance lawn is perfect for you backyard
A lush and beautiful lawn   Beautifully green and lush lawn   Lawn and shrubs give this backyard beauty and function in this Lane County home   Lovely green lawn surrounding the patio of this backyard   Trees and shrubs installed in this front yard around the driveway
This beautiful lawn and shrubs make this home the envy of the neighborhood.   This lawn installation is lush and beautiful -- almost looks like a soft green carpet.   These plants add to the natural beauty of this patio   These plants make a beautiful backdrop for this rock bubbler.    

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Testimonials Our thanks to Darren and the entire crew for the thought and preparation in our landscape design and installation. They fulfilled all of our desires and needs in the landscape and the plant selection is unique and varied. We believe our landscape will age well over time.
King and Melinda Martin

Thank you and your crew for all of your hard work. It looks so nice! you do great work, what a fun job to go around making the world a more beautiful place. Every time I look at my new yard I'll remember there are good people in the work force who do go the extra mile.
The Hanes family