Installing water features, lawns, trees, shrubs, outdoor lighting, sprinkler systems, pathways, patios, stairs, wals, drainage & dry creek beds, large rock placement and excavation, trenching and grading services in Lane County

Landscape & Irrigation Services in Lane County

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Quality and service are our top priority! So before we start any project we visit your site and listen to your needs to get ideas for the ideal outdoor space. Then together, we can either select a landscape architect or develop a custom design to transform your project into something beautiful.

In preparation for your landscape project, we investigate existing conditions such as exposure to sunlight, soil depth and quality, slope and drainage issues to determine the needs for your specific project. Once the ideal environment is prepared, we select and install quality trees, shrubs, grasses and hardscapes to complete your vision.

We also provide custom installs at both the residential and commercial levels and offer a consultation service along with installing all types of landscapes and irrigation systems.

We pride ourselves on installing environmentally friendly and sustainable landscapes:

Our Services

•   Water Features

•   Trees, Shrubs & Lawn Installation

•   Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

•   Sprinkler Systems & Water Conservation

•   Pathways, Patios, Stairs & Walls

•   Drainage & Dry Creek Beds

•   Large Rock Placement

•   Excavation, Trenching & Grading

Testimonial The whole SLI team did a great job. Thank you so much for all of the hard work. I will recommend your company to all of my friends.
Tim Dooley: January 2011